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Women's Wellbeing Coaching


A-Z of Health Hacks for women 


Welcome, I'm Janet, a certified Wellbeing  & Life Coach, yoga teacher and run coach. I help women get back to feeling their optimum self.  I coach women through movement, fitness goals, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and life goals.


Life can be  difficult, but we want to be happy, healthy and feel our best,  as well as having the  energy to do the things we love.  

I can help give you the motivation to  break bad habits and behaviours, create your inner confidence and empower you to achieve what you want.

Our physical body and mental health are the most important thing we have, but we often don't think about this until they  go wrong.  Having had my own health issues in the past I wanted to help other women with longer term holistic solutions.  When we have pain,  or medical issues that is usually just the tip of the iceberg, underneath there is hidden  trauma in our body and our body is trying to speak to us. We need longer term healing. I've helped many women across the globe with my Witch Wellbeing Coaching and have some great testimonials from them.

As well as using traditional methods of coaching, my toolbox also includes an added sprinkle of magic, helping clients on a deeper level  unblocking energy imbalances in the body.  There are lots of different methods I can use such as meditation,  energy clearing, EFT and  movement as an example. We'll see what is right  for you, everybody is unique!

A-Z Health Hacks 

I created this website as a self-help tool for alternative health hacks that you can try.  They have  been tested on women by women. They are natural methods that are simple, safe and easy to use. They are not meant as a replacement for traditional medicine, or your doctors advice,  but to help compliment it.  Always consult your healthcare proffesional before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle or prescription drugs.

Every health hack  solution on my site has the Witchy Wellness magic included! Enjoy.

With love and blessings



Image by Ginny Rose Stewart

Wide range of  wellness wisdom

Image by Vero Manrique

Simple approach, traditional therapies 

Proven, self tested health hacks

A-Z Health Hacks

Sign-up to the Witch Wellbeing community,  a group just for women, where you too can share your health/wellness hacks. Tested on ourselves and shared with love.  A like minded community.

Witchy Wellness aims to help you.....

Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the most important ways for our body and mind to regenerate. Without sleep or lack of quality sleep our bodies cannot function optionally.

Decrease Anxiety & Depression

Moving our bodies to create happy vibes and eating the right foods for gut health are important for our mind and body

Reduce Stress levels 

Exercise is scientifically proven to lower stress, along with meditation to help still the mind.

Improve overall Health & Wellbeing

Meditation podcasts

that you can listen to in your

own time. Unwind and relax the body and mind or create energy when feeling low.

Empowering women to take care of their own healthcare 
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